David Zindell

Language: English

Pages: 474

ISBN: 0553279033

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The universe of Neverness is intriguingly complex. filled with extraordinary beings. There are the Alaloi, who have chosen to return to the Neanderthal state ... the Order of Pilots which reworks the laws of time and physics to catapult its members through dense regions of 'thickspace' ... the Solid State Entity, a vast brain made up of moon-sized biocomputers... and the leldra, a legendary race of aliens that seeded the galaxy aeons ago with its DNA and so began the evolutionary cycle.

Against this rich backdrop unfolds the story of young, headstrong Mallory Ringess, a novitiate of the Order of Pilots. Against all odds he has penetrated the Solid State Entity - and made a stunning discovery. A discovery that could unlock the secret of immortality hidden among the Alaloi...

W├Ąchter der Verborgenen Welt (Perry Rhodan Neo, Band 91; Kampfzone Erde, Band 7)

Tschato, der Panther (Perry Rhodan Neo, Band 89; Kampfzone Erde, Band 5)

Die brennende Welt (Perry Rhodan Neo, Band 65; Epetran, Band 5)

Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall












most beautiful city on all the planets, but Icefall, while beautiful in its own frigid way, is not the most beautiful of the planets. Agathange is the most beautiful planet. As seen from deep space, she is a glittering blue and white jewel floating in a diamond-etched bowl of black amber. (I should mention that I had my first glimpse of the whole planet only after my resurrection and departure. Upon my arrival, of course, I saw nothing because I was dead.) The stars surrounding Agathange swim

green and yellow and red plants, the rainbow colors of Dawud's kamelaika, his cruel, killing, knifeblade of a nose, and his intense eyes so calm and so aware - all these things seemed to shimmer, to dissolve into a sea of color, to shimmer again as they flowed and formed and rearranged, and reformed into the angles and shadows and curves of a warrior-poet in motion. I "saw" his arms and legs and cape coalesce into a blur of light. There were images and futures to choose from: He slashed at my

this, you called the quest for the Elder Eddas. The quest is over, then." "No, Mallory, it's not over." "The imprimaturs could decode the Eddas from your insides if -" "There's nothing to decode." " - if we brought you back to the City." "So, you'll bring me back dead. Can the noble Ringess and his nobler father slaughter me like a sheep? Ha!" Soli _could_ kill him, I thought; he and I had raced across the sea just to kill him. I knew he blamed the Timekeeper for Katharine's death, so when

completely. Bardo, of course, hated effort of any sort which did not occur in bed, and at every opportunity he bellowed and cursed the instance of his birth. Each of us, in his or her own way, reacted according to type: Justine sang a cheerful little tune and laughed at every difficulty just because she loved being outside in the snow next to her husband; Katharine, distracted and disassociated from her labor, was fascinated by the ice's glitter and the texture of the distant forest, and she

muttered, "Isn't it romantic? The cold, clear air, the lonesome cry of the wolf, peace, nature's sweet kiss, serenity - and the taste of pissy muck. Thank you, Little Fellow, for bringing me to this enlightened place." I watched Liam spray lukewarm water from his mouth. He smeared the quickly freezing liquid over the mud shoeing. In little time, the runners of his sled glistened with layers of ice. I looked around the clearing. Yuri's cousins, Arani and Bodhi, and their sons, Yukio, Jemmu and

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